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Take your first step to experiencing the latest affordable luxury for your home. Indian Head Park shuttle from O'Hare . Whether you're standing in front of the bathroom mirror brushing your teeth, cooking for family and friends, stepping through the door from a long day at work or just doing the laundry - Nuheat fills any room with soothing barefoot comfort.

Nuheated floors provide a slice of pure pleasure - a reality for thousands of people across North America. So throw away those socks and slippers and forget about buying a throw rug to cover beautiful tile and stone floors… Nuheat has a better way.

Nuheat produces 12 watts per square foot or 41 BTU at full power producing a floor temperature of 88 - 92 degrees Fahrenheit, that just right feeling when stepping out the shower on those cold winter mornings. We can guarantee this consistent heat coverage because of our state of the art manufacturing process. The wires are bonded between two sheets of durable fabric. This allows the tile setter to lay the tile without worry of moving the heating wires causing cold or hot spots on the floor after the job is completed. When different mats are connected together you will not see any change in the floor temperature no matter where you step or on what mat your foot is on.






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