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What is Granite?

Granite comes from the Latin word, granum, meaning a grain, referring to the grained structure of the stone. Granite is most well known as the Earthås oldest building material as well as some of the most beautiful and durable stone in existence. Granite is formed from liquid magma which is the molten rock found at the center of the planet. This magma cools slowly to develop a material attaining a similar durability and hardness as that of a diamond. Granite is an igneous rock, thus the chemical structure is analogous to that of lava. Granite is such a hard and dependable material since it has been solidified deep within the earth and under such extreme pressure. Granite is present on all of the continents as the Earth so bountifully supplies this marvelous material in all hues, textures, and hardness. The beauty of natural granite should be kept in mind, as the possibilities are endless. shuttle from O'Hare Libertyville ..

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